An implementation of the board game Skirrid for the BBC Model B, Master 128 and Acorn Electron range of microcomputers.
Version 1.0, released 23rd May 2020.

Getting Started

The program is distributed as a bootable DFS format SSD and the latest version can be downloaded from the Resources menu. It is also available as a sideways ROM image.

Because the program is a sideways ROM, options for running it are as follows:

The original game instructions How to play Skirrid can also be downloaded from the Resources menu.

VideoNULA Support

Basic VideoNULA support has been added to approximate the same colour palette as the Atari version. It also helps make the cursor easier to see due to slightly better contrast.

Note that I don't have access to a VideoNULA, so development was based on emulation only and in B2, VideoNULA support cannot be turned off. Because of this, there are some start-up options.

The program assumes a VideoNULA might be present, programs the palette accordingly but also resets the standard ULA palette as a fallback. This should just work.
The program assumes a VideoNULA is present, programs the palette accordingly without fallback. This won't look quite right on a machine without a VideoNULA.
The program assumes a VideoNULA is not present, programs the ULA palette only.

In practice, I expect *SKIRRID to work as expected.

Skirrid title Skirrid game 1


Skirrid title

You can either play against the computer or another person. Choose the one player option to play against the computer.

When playing against the computer, five levels of difficulty are available.

The following commands are available.

Toggle between 1 and 2 players.
Select 1 player mode.
Select 2 player mode.
Start game.
During game play, on both the game and shape select screens, show help.

Playing Skirrid

Skirrid game 1

The yellow cursor indicates the currently selected shape as well as its position on the board. The program defaults to offering the first remaining shape, which can be changed using the shape select screen.

A + is shown in the status line if the current position represents a valid move. On lower difficulty levels, the number of points placing the shape at the current location would score is also shown.

If blocking is enabled, an icon is also shown in the status line.

Press H for help.

Skirrid game help

These are the keys you use to play the game.

Skirrid game 2

When the computer is calculating its move, an animated icon is shown in the status line.

Note that the last shape placed is shown with "holes" to give some feedback. This helps identify the computer's last play. These are replaced with solid blocks when the next shape is placed.

Skirrid game over

The game is over when all shapes have been placed. The winner is indicated (as is a draw in the unlikely event this occurs).

Shape Selection

Skirrid select 1

In Skirrid, players can always see what shapes remain. Being able to see what your opponent has left may guide your own strategy.

Press H for help.

Skirrid select 2

Trying to select a shape which has already been used is indicated like this.

Skirrid select help

These are the keys you use to select a shape.


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